The following presentations are available for download.

1Shori ItoVariation of near-infrared absorption spectrum of water by mixing alkane polyamines
2Qin DongNear-infrared spectroscopic study of molecular interaction in ethanol-water mixtures ranging from 0 to 10% (v/v)
3Yasuhiro MiwaStudy of Tetrabutylammonium Bromide Hydrate by Two spectroscopies in THz region
4Tomoki NagahamaMolecular dependence of collagen model peptide stuidied by low frequency Raman spectroscopy
5Nami UenoStudy of changes of electronic state by hydrate progress about composites polymer electrolyte by ATR-FUV
6Takahiro OohashiCan we separate the kind of drinks using only EEG
7Keiichi SatoSleep Quality and Workplace Productivity Evaluation on the Wooden Interior
8Kento HoritaEffect on the Lighting Condition for Human’s Emotion and Task Efficiency Using Electroencephalogram
9Kurt KungExploration of the connection between EZ water concept and aeroponic mist-based hydroponic agriculture
10Jelena MuncanAquaphotomics Study of Interfacial Water Adjacent to the Hydrophilic Polymer Nafion
11Paolo RenatiTemperature Dependence Analysis of the NIR Spectra of Liquid Water and QED theory
12Wensgheng CaiObserving the complexity of water structures from near infrared spectra and simulation
13Xiaoyu CuiHigh dimensional chemometric algorithms for analyzing temperature dependent near infrared spectra
14Vladyslav BozhynovDependency Model for Visible Aquaphotomics
15Jelena MuncanAquaphotomics as a potential approach for monitoring of water filtration treatment
16Judi PsarrakisDifferentiating between bottled water from different sources using near-infrared spectroscopy
17Yuki NakagawaTo grasp water molecule structure reflecting bacterial growth ability by NIRS and Aquaphotomics
18Danyang LiQuantitative analysis of yeast growth process based on FT-NIR spectroscopy and aquaphotomics
19Angelina KisselovaThe pilot study of mouthwash Yume water
20Alexander StoilovInvestigation of water structure by NIRS and Aquaphotomics
21Yurika NakajimaHydration Structure of Poly(2-methoxyethyl acrylate) Investigated by Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
22Yuto SakakibaraHydration Structure of Poly(vinyl acetate) Investigated by In Situ ATR-IR Spectroscopy
23Nikolaj BlomWater Bridging Initiative - from descaling drinking water to disarming resistant microbes to liquid crystal properties